Holiday Shipping

The holiday season is upon us! For shops like ours, this is a very busy time!

Shipping times can be affected at this time of year, so we have put some useful information on this page for you.

Purchases completed before the following dates are expected to arrive at their destinations before Christmas. This data may be updated based on the newest information made available to us.


Important Note:

Due to an increase in volume going through our fulfillment centers during the holiday season, times displayed below are just an estimate, not a guarantee. Returns are not accepted for products arriving later than expected. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Shipping to USA:

Standard - tbd

Express - tbd


Shipping to Canada:

Standard - n/a

Express - n/a


Shipping to Australia:

Standard - n/a

Express - n/a


Shipping to New Zealand:

Standard - n/a

Express - n/a


Shipping to Rest of the World, excluding Europe or UK:

Standard - n/a

Express - n/a


Dates Above Last Checked On: November 23, 2022